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Gary Mole is a very experienced professional who has done work in the international energy industry for many years. Having fifteen years of experience in the energy industry is a valuable commodity, as for the most part the deregulated energy industry has not existed for all that long. Today, Gary Mole is Chief Executive Officer of Glacial Energy, which is a very successful alternative energy marketing firm in the United States. This company is active in sixteen markets all over the United States, ranging from California to Washington D.C., and from Michigan to Texas. Glacial Energy has no cancellation or switching fees and they provide access to some very high quality alternative energy services.

Glacial Energy was not, though, Gary Mole’s first exposure to the energy industry. He has previously founded a purchasing company called Pinnacle Marketing that did work on behalf of Sydney Harbor Casino, back in 1991.

Gary Mole was the managing director of Essential Utilities Energy Corporation – Australia. He took over at managing director of this firm in 1995. In 2001 he founded EUC-USA, which was a company created to explore the opportunities in the United States’ energy market. The United States’ recent moves towards deregulation and massive consumer base made the idea appetizing for an energy company.

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